The 700-Year Re-BrandBook

Spaten, a newcomer to the Brazilian beer market, swiftly established itself as a success story despite its youth. To bolster its presence, we developed the Spaten Brandbook—a meticulous guide encompassing every facet of the brand's essence.

From fundamental design elements to a comprehensive communication strategy, including positioning, persona archetypes, and photography execution, this tome serves as the cornerstone of Spaten's identity.

Our objective was to harmonize every consumer interaction with the brand, fostering consistency and resonance across diverse touchpoints. Spanning over 800 pages, this compendium showcases our unwavering dedication to crafting a seamless brand experience. Featuring over 80 photoshoots and more than 50 unique poster layouts, each detail was painstakingly refined to perfection. Below, we present glimpses of this extensive endeavor.


Lead Designer, Art Director and Creative Director

Gut SP


Lifestyle Photography and Photo Guidelines

An homage to classical painting, 

Drawing inspiration from classical artistry, our photoshoots emulate the grandeur of historical paintings, setting the standard for visual representation. Each frame is intended to reflect the sophistication of classical portraits, where tradition converges with modernity seamlessly.



Not every moment of Spaten Beer's rich history was painted or photographed. To tell this heritage with images, we needed to create a series of illustrations to represent these moments. Utilizing engraving techniques, these illustrations breathe life into historical anecdotes, immortalizing pivotal moments in Spaten's timeless journey.

Product Photography and Product Photos Guidelines

The modern still life.

Inspired by the masterful compositions of still life artwork, where objects were impeccably represented, we created a comprehensive guideline on how to portray Spaten Beer in a manner befitting its rich history. Additionally, we developed techniques to capture the dynamic nature of the beer, showcasing its robustness with explosive bursts that pay homage to the regal era when the beer was created.


Crafting a series of posters, we amalgamated the finest elements from each chapter, encapsulating the essence of our Brandbook. These posters, designed to stand out and adorn walls, amplify the visual impact of Spaten's narrative.