Spaten Fight Night ID 

Spaten Fight Night is a signature event by Spaten beer, designed to host some of the most significant boxing fights in sports history.

Spaten, is a beer  brand that has traveled through time since its inception in 1397, conceptually brings together the past and the present, the old and the modern.

Drawing inspiration from the golden age of boxing in the 1960s, we've crafted a visual identity for the franchise that bridges different eras. This identity draws from the geometric shapes of classic boxing gyms and incorporates retro illustrations from that golden era of the sport. Our aim is to immerse audiences in the world of boxing, evoking the era when it reigned as the greatest sport of all time, while celebrating Spaten's rich heritage that has endured through centuries.

Spaten Fight Night not only honors the legacy of boxing but also symbolizes Spaten's timeless journey, connecting generations through a shared love for classic moments and modern experiences.

We based our project logo on the 'pennant,' an essential component of the Spaten brand and the cornerstone of all its institutional Key Visuals. Utilizing its unique perspective and geometric shape, we crafted our logo, providing a clear direction for the behavior of the 'Spaten Fight Night.' After establishing the main logotype, we created a series of complementary icons to enhance its overall presentation.


Lead Designer, Art Director and Creative Director

Gut SP


Broadcast Assets

The broadcast assets for Spaten Fight Night were designed using the geometric shapes of the logo. This includes dynamic lower thirds, engaging title sequences, and informative on-screen elements like scoreboards and timers. Each asset maintains the retro boxing theme while ensuring a cohesive visual identity that reflects Spaten's rich heritage.


Clothing Collection

Building upon the essence of Spaten Fight Night, we curated a bespoke clothing collection, embodying the spirit of the event. Each garment is a testament to the fusion of athleticism and style, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to embrace the ethos of boxing culture.