Havaianas Gone Wild

Havaianas is Brazil's and the world's most iconic flip flop brand. But this time, we were not selling flip flops. We were launching our slides collection. And doing it 3 years after the slides boom.

All the most hyped celebrities already had their favorite slides to advocate for. We were both underdogs and the late comers.

So, how to introduce Havaianas slides to a global young audience without going unnoticed?
By rethinking everything people know about the brand. By going wild.
So, we unleashed the wild side of Havaianas.


Designer, Art Director, Type Designer and Creative Director.



Graphic Elements

In order to build a diverse visual identity, we also created a set of graphic elements that could be used freely in any visual. These elements could be used as the main focus or as details to enhance the composition. By using these elements throughout our campaign, we were able to create a cohesive visual identity that reinforced our wild concept.

Wild Influencers

We knew that our campaign budget wouldn't have expensive influencers, we came up with our own influencers: The Wild Gang. Each member was a different animal with its own unique personality and fashion style.

We developed every detail of their personalities and styles. For example, our Jaguar was a powerful, bossy woman with a bit of sass in her humor. Our Hyena was completely crazy and funny, while our Lion was inspired by modern rappers who always dress well.
By carefully crafting each animal's persona and style, we were able to create a group of influencers that perfectly embodied our wild concept. 


We developed a custom typeface called Wild Sans to further reinforce our wild concept.
It's a complete variable typeface that we took design choices to make it more organic and less perfect than Havaianas' own geometric typeface.

By using Wild Sans throughout our campaign, we were able to create a unique and memorable visual identity that truly showcased the wild side of Havaianas.

 Weights and Widths Interpolation

TV Spots

Once we had defined the unique personalities of each animal influencer, we were able to craft engaging stories that would showcase their wild spirit. We created three different TV spots, each featuring a different animal and their unique story.

In the first spot, we follow two bears who have stolen a cargo of honey and are being chased by a park ranger.  The second spot features our stylish lions who make their way into a fancy hotel, only to encounter a group of rowdy hyenas in the elevator. Rather than a bloody showdown, a surprising love scene unfolds.  After all, love can be unexpected and wild too.

Finally, we have our frog, who attends a rat party disguised as a rat to blend in with the crowd. 

The Bears

The Frog and the Rat Part

The Lions and Hienas