Racer Sival Running Shoes

"Correria". A word that means two things in portuguese: the act of running really fast and a person that does a lot of things on their day-to-day routine. But now it is also the name of Fila's newest running platform: #CORRERIA - for those who run on the tracks and on life.

Two running shoes were launched under this platform: the Racer Silva and the Float Fly.  Racer Silva is a sneaker for those focused on improving their time. It has a propulsion plate, the "Speed Tech" technology, which practically throws the athlete forward. It is so effective that it improves the athlete's time by 4.5 seconds / km.

So, it was develop for those who don't have time to take a Instagram pic or post on social media their last run. It's all about the pace. The tagline: "Focus on the Pace, not on the take." weas developed to make the message easier to understand.


Creative, Designer and Art Director.

Africa DDB



Visual Concept

To express this feeling visually, we created a photoshoot where every athlete was blurred, just the way they look like when they're running to beat themselves. The boot vibrant colors and all Fila's 90's heritage is also present to make the visuals unique.

We also created a package of icons and graphic elements to represent each detail of the sneakers. All of these graphics were distributed in information bars illustrated in all images of the campaign.


We also developed a special typography, derived from Druk Bold. All derivations were developed based on tennis's main asset: speed. The idea is to be adapted depending on the composition of the layouts.