Fila Float Fly Racer Shoes

"Correria". A word that means two things in portuguese: the act of running really fast and a person that does a lot of things on their day-to-day routine. But now it is also the name of Fila's newest running platform: #CORRERIA - for those who run on the tracks and on life.
Two running shoes were launched under this platform: the Racer Silva and the Float Fly

Float Fly's is a sneakers for those #CORRERIA type of person. To help delivering the message, we came up with the tagline: "For your corre (your job/routine). And also for your 10k."


Creative, Designer and Art Director.

Africa DDB


Visual Concept

After looking at the Float Fly's design we came up with three Key words: softness, comfort and reaction - and those were the concepts we based our visual campaign on.
The whole universe we picture the sneakers in is fluffy and soft, however, always with the technology projecting the Float Fly forward.
The photoshoot was thought to convey at the same time a feeling of lightness and speed. Therefore, athletes and influencers look like they are in the air. Fast, yet floating.


To create a more personalized typography, we deconstructed Druk Bold.
The idea was to bring the benefits of tennis visually with an floating and fluffy 3d Type.

TV Spots

We developed TVC spots mixing live-action with our animations from our key visual.