We Are Mello | The Game

To launch the New Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola, the brand’s first-ever beverage co-created with an artist, we created the first-ever co-created live video game experience.

For the first time ever, thousands of spectators around the world had the chance to join a live Twitch gaming experience to help Marshmello recover the flavor mix, stolen by his nemesis Evil Mello. But, unlike any other game on Twitch, you could actually control the Marshmello by typing in the chat for the streamer to give the command.

During the 60-minute gaming experience, Loserfruit and other notable streamers around the globe engaged fans to help solve a series of missions - inspired by the most famous games of all times - that led to finding his stolen mix.

The game was broadcast simultaneously in multiple languages by streamers around the world, including the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Chile,Colombia, Paraguay and UK, among others. The livestream attracted more than 600,000 viewers around the globe.


Creative Director, Creative and Designer. 

Gut SP


Archery Contest - Fortine Inspired Game

Bank Robbery - GTA Inspired Game

Kick the Can - FIFA-Inspired Mission

Sheriff Arrest - Red Dead Redemption-Inspired Mission

Turnip Coin Theft - Animal Crossing-Inspired Easter Egg

Jailbreak - Uncharted-Inspired Mission

The Story

One night, Marshmello is playing video games. The screen glitches and he gets sucked into a video game metaverse, where a masked boss villain has stolen Mello’s briefcase containing his latest Mix.
Marshmello has one hour to navigate a series of video game-inspired missions to defeat the villain and retrieve his briefcase, to reveal the “Mix” is actually his Marshmello x Coca-Cola can.

After completing all the missions selected by the spectators the briefcase is recovered and the Evil Mello is defeated.  At the end of the livestream, viewers also were able to access limited metamerch to celebrate the experience. A exclusive skin on Zeppetto platform.


Complete Stream Pack

To communicate in a unique and attractive way we took a deep dive into the Twitch streaming community. Combining 3D animation and motion graphics we develop a pack with more than 30 assets commonly used by any kind of streamer. From the Countdown video to the Emergency brake (fortunately not used).


Emergency Break

Just Chatting

Live Intro Sequence

Transition 01

Transition 02

Transition 03

Game Design System

Our Game visual language was inspired by the universe of Marshmello and the gaming community. To create the logo for this experience, we explored a language widely used by the gamer universe. The Esports Team logos have their unique personality with a bold perspective 3D typography. We combine this E-Games universe to the campaign dripping assets alongside with Marshmello's illustration strokes.

Since this adventure was broadcasted to more than 12 countries, one with their own streamer, we needed to develop a Design system with a specific grid to protect any information from being covered. Unlike a typical game, this adventure needed specific information as command buttons.

In partnership with Twitch, we developed a pool system capable of collecting all voting system from the consumers and sending the information to loserfruit who, promptly, would give the command action to Marshmello.


To create an exclusive typeface for the project we adapted the regular shape of the TCCC-Unity Headline Black (Coca-Cola own typeface)  into a new version. With a more dynamic style, this simple touch gives the whole type system a new personality with a huge sense of velocity.